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greenhouse alpha test program

Greenhouse is a specialized cloud service designed to make self-hosting your own website, email, web services, etc, as easy as possible.

We don't ask you to compromise on privacy or security: it's your server, we simply make it reliably accessible on the internet.

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For more in-depth information, see the project page:

demo video

"As a user, I want my server to be online 😀"

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feedback / bug reports

Please use the comments form below to leave feedback or report issues.

Please Note these comments are a public forum!

If you wish to contact the developer directly, you may email, contact on matrix, or get in touch on the Fediverse

known issues

- When the threshold server restarts, everyones tunnels will be cleared. You can fix this by restarting your greenhouse-daemon

- The TCP listener type for tunnels is currently broken-ish. it worked before, but I must have broke it and I never tested it again.

- The desktop app should use aliases to share folders on macOS rather than making the parent directory list-able by everyone.

- The greenhouse installer won't work on Windows Server or if the windows password policy requires capital letters or symbols

- The greenhouse windows uninstaller won't get rid of the greenhouse-service user account.

- The greenhouse windows user shows up on the login page

- the UI text on the mac version of the desktop app is a bit too small.. ?

- the greenhouse web app should clean/trim user input for example, spaces following a domain name.

- the greenhouse web app will log you out randomly if you use it for a long time (refresh session does not work)

- change personal subdomain is somewhat buggy, requires you to restart the desktop app / re-create your tunnels

- the desktop app listening port chooser is kinda jacked up right now 
  - it always displays "test" for the program name 
  - need some way to sudo it on mac and linux so it can actually get the pids and program names from the sockets.

- the built in web server (caddy) needs error pages (502, 404, etc), right now it simply returns a blank page

- built in web server (caddy) logs are nearly impossible to read due to them being JSON-formatted

- should separate the built in web server (caddy) access logs from caddy admin/cert info log

- the background service (greenhouse-daemon) can get locked up when a threshold test fails (apply config mutex never unlocked?)

- the debian .deb package incorrectly shows "proprietary" license and icon is missing in Ubuntu Software app see --license

Known issues fixed in rc2 (release candidate 2) version:

- the desktop app defaults to an empty subdomain on tunnels, which will throw an error 

- the desktop app will complain if you put uppercase letters in the server name even though they are technically allowed 

terms of service / privacy policy / license

Registering a Greenhouse account constitutes your agreement to the following terms:

  • You certify that you are at least 16 years of age
    • If you are under 16 you are welcome to use Greenhouse, however you must ask your parent or legal guardian to register an account under their name
  • You agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • You consent to the collection of telemetry data related your use of the service / software
    • We collect this data solely to help us discover / debug issues with the Greenhouse service and software
    • This data is stored on our server, and will never be copied or shared outside of our physical premises. We intend to delete it permanently after the alpha test program completes

Greenhouse’s source code is currently licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. This means you are allowed to modify it, create your own version of it, etc, as long as you publish your work on the internet.


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